The Best Chest Messages In The Legend Of Heroes Trails In The Sky [Part 2]

Picking up after Part 1 left, here are the remaining chest messages from The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky that I like the most. I loved this thing in the game, it added that little something that made the game stand out from other jRPGs. I sure hope that the next episode will keep this feature.


The Best Chest Messages In The Legend Of Heroes Trails In The Sky [Part 1]

As I mentioned in my review of The Legend of Heroes Trails in The Sky, the game has lots of lines of text. I was positively surprised that the Devs decided to add even more by giving voice to the various treasure chests you find around the game world: basically, if you open a treasure chest and then you press the action button once more so that you look into the chest a second time, you get a funny message from the chest itself.

There are more than 150 chests in the game and, even though some of the messages are duplicates, there were still quite a few to go through. I tried to choose the funniest onesĀ and the most lolwut ones for you, some of them are really worth it. I will break this post into two parts as there are really too many to fit into a single one.

How To Take a Screenshot On The PS Vita

PS VitaUnlike the 3DS, which only allows taking screenshots in certain situations, the PS Vita allows you to take screenshots anywhere, anytime. You just need to press the Playstation button together with the Start button.

Your screenshot will be saved on your memory card and you can will be able to see it from the Photos app, in the Gallery section. You can also send it with the Messages app or share it via email (after setting up an email account on your handheld).