Let’s Visit Tyria – All the Vistas in Guild Wars 2 – Dredgehaunt Cliffs

Dredgehaunt CliffsAfter the release of Heart of Thorns, Guild Wars 2’s first expansion pack, I felt like it was time to go back to this MMORPG to continue working on this photo series. While I haven’t yet purchased the expansion, I used this opportunity to get closer to 100% map completion with my main character. So today, after a long break from the game, and after covering the Brisban Wildlands, the Plains of Ashford and the Snowden Drifts, I bring you to another snowy section of the map: Dredgehaunt Cliffs.

2015-11-07_000082015-02-01_00006 2015-11-07_00001 2015-11-07_00002 2015-11-07_00003 2015-11-07_00004 2015-11-07_00005 2015-11-07_00006 2015-11-07_00007


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