Rayman Legends (PS Vita) First Impressions

Rayman Legends Box

I knew it was only a matter of time before I bought Rayman Legends. I have already played Origins on my PS3 and I have liked it so much that I started hoping for a sequel while I was still playing it. I completed everything in that game, including The Land of the Livid Dead level, which in turn granted me a platinum trophy.

So, after playing with Legends with my girlfriend for a while (she already had a copy of the game), I finally found it at a good price and I decided to go for the PS Vita version, making it my first physical game for the console. The first impressions are, not surprisingly, great.

The game plays fantastic as usual, it’s fast paced, the level design is brilliant and the music is awesome. Nothing new so far, but the daily and weekly challenges are a great addition and can make the game last much, much longer. In addition, the PS Vita controls are used in a pretty good way, making you control Murfy with your finger (lifting platforms, killing enemies etc.) or using the gyroscope to incline platforms in a certain direction. It also looks easier than Origins, with regards to collecting the Lums: in Origins it was sometimes quite tough to collect 350 Lums in every level, but now in Legends collecting 600 Lums in every level is usually not that hard, also because you don’t need to hit every enemy twice to get the maximum number of Lums out of them.

Here you go, a quick post with the first impressions on Rayman Legends. I am sure I will spend many hours on this game, and rest assured that there will be more posts about this game in the following days and weeks!


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