Motorstorm RC: Seriously Flawed but Highly Addictive!

Motorstorm RC Logo

Motorstorm RC was one of the games included in the voucher that came when I bought the PS Vita the other week, and it was the first one I installed because I wanted to see how it was compared to the other Motorstorm titles and because I fancied a portable racing game.

The first surprise came immediately after launching the game for the first time, when you realize that this is not the typical Motorstorm game. The RC in the title, in fact, stands for Radio Controlled. To give you a better idea of what this game is like, let me leave you to the official Sony trailer:

So this is Micro Machines Motorstorm, really. I am not saying it’s better or worse, it’s just different. I have never been a fan of the Motorstorm series (well, it would be better to say that I don’t like it), so I wasn’t expecting to like this either. Instead, the game gave me a few good surprises.

First of all, the game is just perfect for a handheld device. The pick-up-and-play gameplay, due to the quick challenges in the game (never more than a few minutes long) is perfectly suited to the portable nature of the PS Vita. Also, it is incredibly addictive, making you want to do just another race every time. I completed all the events with 3 gold medals in just a couple of days probably.

To be honest, there are not so many challenges in the game, so it won’t take long to complete the game. What might take longer is getting the gold trophies which require you to complete all the challenges in each of the four areas of the game within a specific amount of time. These are not very difficult, although they might prove challenging. I have gotten all the trophies with the exception of the two online ones and the final gold trophy, which requires you to set a global time through all the challenges in less than 40 minutes. I am currently standing just above 41 minutes but I don’t feel like going for it. I just don’t think that it’s worth it.

And this is because the game, in my opinion, has a seriously flawed control system. Most importantly, you have to get used to the weird camera angles (you cannot use the classic, behind-the-car view) and consequently weird steering controls. Also, some of the later challenges involve using cars that are just too fast to be controlled properly, making the game become quickly frustrating and just not fun anymore. I am sure it can start to feel natural again after a little bit, but after getting 192/192 gold medals it still felt wrong to me, so there might be more to that than a simple getting used to it.

Overall, the game is fun and perfect for a quick game on the run. Also, if you are that type of person, the trophies are stackable, meaning that a trophy that you unlock on the PS Vita will also be unlocked on the PS3 (and viceversa). But the control system is just not very good, and this makes some of the later challenges (and going for the platinum trophy) quite frustrating and not very entertaining. I am happy to have played it but I would never have done so if I had not got the game for free. So if you are as lucky, go download it and give it a try. Otherwise, I think that you can spend the money on better racing games (for example Wipeout 2048: stay tuned for the review).

Have you played Motorstorm RC? What do you think about it? Did you like it? Make sure to share your opinions in the comment section!


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