5 Sad Videogaming Threads On Yahoo! Answers

You all know Yahoo! Answers, that website full of human knowledge that is also one of the best websites to have a laugh or two. Stupid questions and answers abound on Yahoo! Answers, and I bet all of you have stumbled upon a ludicrous question or answers on this website when googling around.

Today I want to share with you 5 sad threads that I have found on the website. I am saying threads rather than questions or answers because sometimes it is really difficult to decide what the most stupid part is. They all relate to the videogame world in one way or another, but none of them are about The Sims (questions about these games abound on Yahoo! Answers for some reason).

How to change country on ps3 accounts ?

Moved from US to Europe and my voucher codes no longer work cos I still have a US account, but European voucher codes for the games I bought in Europe. What can I do?

you cant change where you live once you set where you live. all you can do is make another account and then use it. why would you buy something from europe? your an idiot

When will the next GTA come out after 5?

This is a gross questions.

MY 4 Year Old Son BROKE my 55 IN PLASMA TV playing the wii what to do other than hit him?

Sell the wii and get a xbox with kinect. No controller to be slung. Seriously.

take the wii of him and ask him how he would feel if you broke a possession of his

How to get the full version Always Remember me?

i always end up with demo. does anyone bought this game and can lend me their email? i really need to play it. im addicted to this game so much. please help T_T

Should i buy the xbox 360 or wait for xbox 720?

The xbox 720 discs are quite possibly going to be blu-ray. If that’s the case then DO NOT DO IT! Get a play station instead because if the xbox discs go blu-ray then they are going to end up costing like $100!

These are just some of the threads you can find on Yahoo! Answers. Even googling for something like “xbox explosion yahoo answers” returns some results.

Do you know other ludicrous threads that I have missed? If you do, make sure you leave a link in the comment section!


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