Why Is Changing Country Settings Such a Big Deal?

World mapI have recently tried to change my country setting on the PSN, only to find out that it is not possible to do so. And it doesn’t look like I am the only one who wants to do that either. Users opened posts about this topic back in the 2010 and, as far as I know, nobody has ever gotten any feedback from Sony. The only thing is a short page saying that the country cannot be changed for security reasons.

Nintendo is doing the same thing.  In this case, I haven’t found any explanation for this choice.

But if it is such a big deal for Sony and Nintendo, why does Microsoft allow users to change their region? Are there no security issues for Microsoft? Or are there some weird reasons for Sony and Nintendo not to enable this feature?

This, to me, looks like a very poor decision, not to mention a very big fail by Sony and Nintendo. I understand that many people don’t care about this, and this might be the reason why not many gamers are complaining about this, but this is an important thing in my opinion. People move, and not realizing this is either extremely stupid or extremely arrogant.


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