Buying From Alienware? I Don’t Think So

Alienware logoEvery PC gamer knows Alienware. It’s that company that is supposed to offer great gaming PCs (laptops and desktops) which can be customized to become insanely powerful. Plus, all those lights on the desktops look super geekcool.

So, long story short, I now need to build a gaming machine. I personally would have preferred a desktop machine due to its higher level of customization, but my girlfriend would prefer a laptop, therefore the desktop is not an option anymore 😀 She has a point though, the laptop can be moved around the house and be also used as a media center if there is the need to do so.

So, since this is not going to be a desktop and I cannot buy the parts by myself, the first thing I though was: “OK, the time has finally arrived to buy an Alienware machine”. The summary if the following: horrible experience. Read on to find out what happened.

I went to their website and chose the Alienware 17. Before shelling out that huge amount of money though, I wanted to have a chat with an Alienware representative to ask a few questions about warranty, financing, discounts etc. So I went to the Alienware UK Support Page only to find a completely broken page, with missing images and broken links. From here, contacting support was impossible.

So I googled around a bit until I found another support page. The page says that customer support is open until 19:00. So at about 18:00 I called and I was told that the lines closed at 17:00. Ok, still not much of a problem. I googled around a little bit more and I found a contact form through which you could request a call back. I filled it in requesting a call back (or an email reply, whichever worked best for them) the following day.

Two or three days passed and I didn’t receive any phone call. Very good sales department I must say. So I decide to contact Dell chat support asking if they had received my request (after all, I thought that my email could have gone lost). The chat representative didn’t answer this question and asked me my phone number again saying that I was going to receive a call the following day in the morning. This was on Wednesday. Today is Saturday and I haven’t heard back from Alienware. Needless to say, I am not going to buy from them.

So I decided to see if other people have had any problems with Alienware or if I have been simply not lucky. Oh my, what did I find out. Negative reviews about Alienware abound everywhere on the net, especially about the build quality of the machines. I have read reviews about machine shipped with the wrong components, about Alienware refusing to honor the warranty, about components failing mere days after shipping (if they were not already faulty when shipped). You name it. The page of the Alienware 17 contains other interesting 1 star reviews for your reading pleasure.

Overall, I must thank Alienware for not getting back to me ever. It looks like they spared me a lot of hassles with their crappy laptops and customer/tech support.

Have you had any experience with Alienware? If so, please share your opinions in the comments. If they are as bad as they seem to be, let’s spread out the word and help other fellow gamers not to make the mistake of buying from them!


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