Tips On How To Make The Best Of Kers In Multiplayer (F1 2012 and F1 2013)

A quick post today to share with you what I think is the best way to use Kers in multiplayer races both in F1 2012 and in F1 2013.

Anybody who has tried multiplayer racing in F1 games knows how chaotic race starts can be, with cars flying everywhere and smashing into each other. So after a lot of practice and trial and error I found out that there are basically two ways to behave during a race start, depending on where you are placed on the grid:

  • Front of the grid: in this case use all your Kers immediately. This way you should maintain your position and have some extra space to avoid people crashing into you at the first turn.
  • Back of the grid: in this case I would suggest not to use Kers, because usually people will crash into each other at the first turn anyway, so what you should do is to stay behind, wait for the chaos to happen and then take advantage of it. You can then use Kers to escape from some dangerous situations like drivers getting back on track and the like.

There is also a third scenario, which is when you find yourself in the middle of the grid. In this case I guess both techniques may work, but personally I prefer to keep the Kers for later and err on the side of caution in this case as well.

Here you go, just my two cents for today. What do you think is the best way to start a multiplayer race in F1 games? Make sure to leave your suggestions in the comments 😉


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