Blue Dragon Impossible Mode Completed

Blue DragonApologies for not writing for a while, but it wasn’t my fault 😀 I haven’t had any console for a few weeks so no gaming unfortunately.

Anyway, I have finally completed Blue Dragon, getting the final achievements I was missing. It took me several years to do it but I have finally made it! Before putting this game aside for a while, I had already completed it at normal difficulty, but I was missing two achievements, and you can easily guess what they were: complete the item record and complete the monster record, of course.

Before beginning a New Game + at Impossible Mode, I completed the item record in normal mode, and it didn’t take too much time since I had already collected almost everything in the game. So, after getting this achievement, and since the only monster I was missing was in Nene’s Fortress and it was one of the missable ones (typical), I had to start a new game, and I decided to do this at Impossible Mode, hoping to find an interesting challenge, especially because this game is very easy out of the box.

Maxed Out All Character Levels

All characters were maxed out before Impossible Mode

They advise you to try Impossible Mode with characters that have reached at least level 50. It wasn’t a problem for me since I already had every character at level 99 and I had also maxed out all the classes of all the shadows (yeah, n3rd, I know).

Well let me tell you this: Impossible Mode is ridiculously easy if your characters are already that developed. Seriously, I don’t think I died even once through the whole Impossible playthrough. Well, it’s pointless to hope for any other updates on this game after so many years, but it would have been nice to have a difficulty mode for characters who were already maxed out. I know I would have enjoyed this. As it is right now, the game can probably offer a decent challenge only if you start Impossible Mode with underlevelled characters.

The game was good, I liked it (I wouldn’t have played it twice if I didn’t), but the lack of challenge and the huge amount of time required in grinding to level up classes and characters are its two main flaws. In any case, these didn’t stop me from spending about 130 hours with it, so if you haven’t played it yet, I suggest you give it a try, it’s a nice jRPG with a very nice classical turn-based battle system. It would have been even better if they had muted Shu’s voice though.


4 thoughts on “Blue Dragon Impossible Mode Completed

  1. I remember Blue Dragon. It’s too bad it never went to PC. I don’t own a console anymore and I really miss playing this game :]

    • To be honest, it’s not one of the best jRPGs out there, but I liked the fact that it tries to be classical, especially in the battle system. Also, there aren’t many games of this genre on the Xbox, so everything helps. But I agree with you, I would miss these games if I only owned a PC.

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