Nintendo 2DS: The Perfect April Fools’ Prank

Nintendo 2DS

Today Nintendo announced the new arrival in the Nintendo DS family: the Nintendo 2DS. Before delving into the fun part of my third rant about new console in less than a month, I will begin with a nice comment.

The 2DS will sell for a lower price than the 3DS and the 3DS XL, specifically 130$. This is a good thing, it is always nice to see a cheaper version of a console for those who can’t afford to buy other models, or even for those who just want to play one or two games on a console, which probably wouldn’t justify the paying the higher price of the full-blown models. So, in this sense, Nintendo did a good thing in my opinion. Also, this version ditches the 3D support (I know, you would never have guessed that from the name of the console) which is something useless, really. So thanks for that too.

Now to the fun part: I am still waiting for the next announcement in which Nintendo will say that this is an April Fools’ Day joke and for the announcement after that saying that this was a mistake because it was supposed to be published, indeed, in April. I can’t believe what I am seeing here. A picture is worth more that a thousand words, but let me paste here the words of Nintendo of America president Reggie Fiels-Aime, they are worth much more than that (read the whole original article over at

Imagine a standard 3DS laid all the way flat, and with the depth slider all the way down.

We’re always thinking about what we can do that’s new, unique, different, and brings more people into this category that we love, and so with the Nintendo 3DS, we were clear to parents that, ‘hey, we recommend that your children be seven and older to utilize this device.’ So clearly that creates an opportunity for five-year-olds, six-year-olds, that first-time handheld gaming consumer.

I don’t know how you feel about this, but these quotes make me laugh so hard! Lol, come on, don’t they realize how ridiculous this sounds? 😀 This is one of the best rubbish announcements I have ever heard!

So what do you guys think about this new 3DS 2DS? Do you think that the series of new consoles will come to a stop in the foreseeable future? But most importantly, looking at my last blog post about this topic and the one before that, do you think that it’s all my fault that this is happening?


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