Eternal Sonata Encore Mode Tips & Tricks

Eternal Sonata screenshot

After completing Eternal Sonata’s Encore Mode last month I have decided to write down some advice on how to beat it, since I am going to play this game again on the PS3 in the future. Because I thought it might be useful to other players I have then decided to publish it online and make it available to every fellow player out there 🙂

My initial idea was to have it published on GameFAQs (hence the formatting) but I have found out that they don’t accept Tips & Tricks type of guides, so I have uploaded the plain text file on pastebin (I still think that plain text is a good way to write guides).

Feel free to use it, download it or whatever (if you want to download it just to delete it afterwards, feel free to do that as well). If you plan to publish it (or a part of it) elsewhere just remember to link back either to the file on pastebin or to this blog post. Enjoy 🙂

View/Download Eternal Sonata Encore Mode Tips & Tricks


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