Here We Go Again: New Android Console By Amazon Coming By The End Of The Year

Just a few days have passed since my latest blog post about the Nvidia Shield, in which I expressed my feelings about these new “casual” consoles, so to say, and yet here we are again complaining about this thing again.

Yesterday evening I was reading my RSS feeds when I stumbled upon this article by gameinformer. It basically says that Amazon is planning to release a new Android-based console by the end of the year. So far it is not known if it is going to be a home console or a portable one, but one thing is clear: personally I don’t care.

I don’t want to repeat myself all over again, but I would like to stress one thing once more: the videogame world does not need this kind of device right now. For casual gamers there are smartphones and tablets, I don’t see my aunt buying a console just to play Temple Run. We need good stuff to play and, to be honest, neither the Xbox One nor the PS4 seem to be able to provide them to the gamers (at least not in the foreseeable future). If we add other crappy stuff to the lot, gamers are not going to be that happy.

However, if every time I complain about a type of console the result is that another console of the same type is announced, then I really need to start complaining about a portable SNES.


One thought on “Here We Go Again: New Android Console By Amazon Coming By The End Of The Year

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