The Jak and Daxter Trilogy Free For PlayStation Plus Members

The Jak and Daxter TrilogyIf you are a PlaystationPlus member, one of the titles you get for free this month is The Jax and Daxter Trilogy. I really hope that you have played these games back in the day, but if you havenàt and you don’t know what I am talking about, here is a quick summary: these are some of the best platformers ever released for the PS2 (and the PS3 too, to be honest, due to its lack of content in this genre). So if you like these kind of games, do yourself a favour and go download and play these games, they are really good.

Also, you can download both the PS3 and the PS Vita versions for free. What more do you want? 🙂


New Community Widget Added

This is not an update about videogames but one about this very blog: I have just added a Community widget on the right sidebar, showing the latest readers that have interacted with the site, by commenting or adding a link back to one of my blog posts. I would have liked to add a “top commentators” widget but being the site still on, I cannot upload any new plugins.

It’s just a little thank you to you, dear readers 🙂 Now you have one more reason to interact with the site.

Banjo-Kazooie Started

Banjo-Kazooie Box Art

Just a quick update to let you know that I have started playing Banjo-Kazooie after buying it from the Xbox Marketplace. I have just completed the very first, introductory level, but I still get the feeling that only really good, old time platformers can give you immediately when you start playing them: that it’s going to be a great game.

This was one of the few games that I didn’t play back in the Nintendo 64 era and I have always wanted to play it. Ah, I feel so young right now!

Nintendo 2DS: The Perfect April Fools’ Prank

Nintendo 2DS

Today Nintendo announced the new arrival in the Nintendo DS family: the Nintendo 2DS. Before delving into the fun part of my third rant about new console in less than a month, I will begin with a nice comment.

The 2DS will sell for a lower price than the 3DS and the 3DS XL, specifically 130$. This is a good thing, it is always nice to see a cheaper version of a console for those who can’t afford to buy other models, or even for those who just want to play one or two games on a console, which probably wouldn’t justify the paying the higher price of the full-blown models. So, in this sense, Nintendo did a good thing in my opinion. Also, this version ditches the 3D support (I know, you would never have guessed that from the name of the console) which is something useless, really. So thanks for that too.

Now to the fun part: I am still waiting for the next announcement in which Nintendo will say that this is an April Fools’ Day joke and for the announcement after that saying that this was a mistake because it was supposed to be published, indeed, in April. I can’t believe what I am seeing here. A picture is worth more that a thousand words, but let me paste here the words of Nintendo of America president Reggie Fiels-Aime, they are worth much more than that (read the whole original article over at

Imagine a standard 3DS laid all the way flat, and with the depth slider all the way down.

We’re always thinking about what we can do that’s new, unique, different, and brings more people into this category that we love, and so with the Nintendo 3DS, we were clear to parents that, ‘hey, we recommend that your children be seven and older to utilize this device.’ So clearly that creates an opportunity for five-year-olds, six-year-olds, that first-time handheld gaming consumer.

I don’t know how you feel about this, but these quotes make me laugh so hard! Lol, come on, don’t they realize how ridiculous this sounds? 😀 This is one of the best rubbish announcements I have ever heard!

So what do you guys think about this new 3DS 2DS? Do you think that the series of new consoles will come to a stop in the foreseeable future? But most importantly, looking at my last blog post about this topic and the one before that, do you think that it’s all my fault that this is happening?

Eternal Sonata Encore Mode Tips & Tricks

Eternal Sonata screenshot

After completing Eternal Sonata’s Encore Mode last month I have decided to write down some advice on how to beat it, since I am going to play this game again on the PS3 in the future. Because I thought it might be useful to other players I have then decided to publish it online and make it available to every fellow player out there 🙂

My initial idea was to have it published on GameFAQs (hence the formatting) but I have found out that they don’t accept Tips & Tricks type of guides, so I have uploaded the plain text file on pastebin (I still think that plain text is a good way to write guides).

Feel free to use it, download it or whatever (if you want to download it just to delete it afterwards, feel free to do that as well). If you plan to publish it (or a part of it) elsewhere just remember to link back either to the file on pastebin or to this blog post. Enjoy 🙂

View/Download Eternal Sonata Encore Mode Tips & Tricks

Here We Go Again: New Android Console By Amazon Coming By The End Of The Year

Just a few days have passed since my latest blog post about the Nvidia Shield, in which I expressed my feelings about these new “casual” consoles, so to say, and yet here we are again complaining about this thing again.

Yesterday evening I was reading my RSS feeds when I stumbled upon this article by gameinformer. It basically says that Amazon is planning to release a new Android-based console by the end of the year. So far it is not known if it is going to be a home console or a portable one, but one thing is clear: personally I don’t care.

I don’t want to repeat myself all over again, but I would like to stress one thing once more: the videogame world does not need this kind of device right now. For casual gamers there are smartphones and tablets, I don’t see my aunt buying a console just to play Temple Run. We need good stuff to play and, to be honest, neither the Xbox One nor the PS4 seem to be able to provide them to the gamers (at least not in the foreseeable future). If we add other crappy stuff to the lot, gamers are not going to be that happy.

However, if every time I complain about a type of console the result is that another console of the same type is announced, then I really need to start complaining about a portable SNES.

Nvidia Shield: Do We Really Need It?

Nvidia Shield

Some days ago I stumbled upon an article about the fact that the release date for the Nvidia Shield had been moved at the end of July. I had never heard of this thing before (and I am sure I am not the only one) so I googled it and ended up on the Nvidia Shield’s official website.

Following my initial reaction of awe (which this time lasted about less than a second) that I experience every time I see some new technological gadget, I started looking at this thing objectively. Now, let’s take a step back and go back in time before the announcement of this console.

How would you feel if I told you that I wanted to create a new portable console, shape it like an Xbox gamepad, add a 5” screen and have it play Android games? You would probably say something like “What the f*ck are you talking about?”, right? You wouldn’t think about buying it, right? RIGHT?

Why would somebody want to buy this thing? Why would I want to carry around this suitcase of a console to play Android games?!? In a world where even the Vita is struggling to survive in the portable videogaming world, where only the 3DS seems to be doing well, what did Nvidia think when they decided to build this thing? This console doesn’t look good for a casual gamer, because they probably prefer playing Temple Run on their smartphones,, and it doesn’t even look that appealing to hardcore gamers, because I don’t know many hardcore gamers that love playing Android games.

Granted, the Play PC feature (which allows you to stream games from your PC to continue playing them on the Shield) looks cool, but you need a compatible graphics card (a GeForce GTX 650 or higher desktop GPU, notebook GPUs are not supported yet), so if you don’t have one, you will have to spend extra money to be able to use all the Shield’s functionality. Also, if I spent a lot of money on a gaming PC, I don’t see why I would want to play PC games on a 5” screen.

The videogame world is experiencing an alarming and annoying decrease in the quality of the titles. We don’t need these things, we need good games (and possibly some new quality franchises) and really, with all due respect, Google Play is not the right place to find them.