Eternal Sonata Encore Playthrough (Xbox 360)

Eternal Sonata Cover

Eternal Sonata is easily one of my favourite jRPGs of this generation on the Xbox (well, not that there are so many on this console). I love its atmosphere, its graphics and its colors. I also like the battle system, although it becomes very repetitive after a while. Unfortunately the game is not very long (I completed the first playthrough with my girlfriend in about 40 hours, including Mysterious Unison) and, even more unfortunately, there is no sign of a sequel, and probably there will never be one. But I hear a new Call of Duty is coming out, so don’t despair.

Anyway, I have just completed my encore playthrough and I wanted to brag about it here. Technically, though, I haven’t really completed it, because I haven’t beaten the final boss, I just got up to the Xylophone Tower and then backtracked to get all the achievements I was missing. I guess I can really finish Encore mode in the PS3 version (yeah, I am going to play this for two more times, while I wait for the new Call of Duty, you know), because of the extra characters and extra stuff.

I was expecting a more difficult challenge to be honest. Although enemies are more powerful and you level up normally, like in the first playthrough, I think that being able to use Party Level 6 from the beginning of the Encore playthrough makes things a bit too easy (the only times I died were during two or three boss fights if I am not mistaken), and I was pretty much never overleveled.

Overall it was a nice experience and I am looking forward to playing this again on the PS3 because of the extra content. Again, this time I will probably completely finish Encore mode, including the final boss and Mysterious Unison), because I will play this with my girlfriend (the one who bought me Heavy Rain, remember?) and I don’t think that she will let me put it down before that happens.


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