Forza Horizon – Multiplayer Mode

After writing about the Single Player Mode in Forza Horizon, it is now time to write what I think about the Multiplayer Mode. It is not going to be a very lengthy post because there really isn’t much to say in my opinion.

Because this game is not really a simulation, forget about having clean races when you play online. People are just going to crash into you trying to make you get out of the track. Clean overtakes are extremely rare and when you think that you don’t get any kind of penalty for this kind of behavior you can see that if you do want to race clean, you should play with something else. But again, this is no regular Forza game, so I guess this is something that you shouldn’t expect from Horizon, still I think it is good to know how multiplayer racing is going to be like before buying the game, being multiplayer such an important part of every racing game.

There are seven different multiplayer modes you can choose from:

  • Circuit
  • Point to Point
  • Street Racing
  • Free Roam
  • King
  • Infection
  • Cat and Mouse

The first four modes are pretty self-explanatory, so I’m just going to focus on the last three: they are boring. Seriously, they really are. They are more like mini-games rather than regular racing modes, basically requiring you to crash into other cars to steal the King badge or to crash into other cars to infect them or to crash into other cars to stop them from finishing the race on time. If this sounds like fun to you, go ahead, those modes will keep you entertained for quite some time. Otherwise just stick to the regular racing modes, they can be frustrating due to the driving style of some other players but they can definitely keep you playing much longer than the single player mode.

Overall, Forza Horizon is a good game. I have enjoyed playing it but it’s one of those games that I will never pick up again after completing it and which didn’t really become memorable in any way for me. I guess I am just more suited to sim racers.


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