A thought on Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster

FInal Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Logo

As you probably don’t know because I’ve never written it anywhere yet, I am a big Final Fantasy fan. I have played all the episodes of the series, including the remakes, the spin-offs, the sequels, everything. I love the series because thanks to it I started playing jRPGS (up to that moment I had played mostly with platformers and racing games) which are now my favourite genre of videogames.

So the recent announcement of a HD remaster of FFX and FFX-2 for PS3 and PS Vita should be great news for me right? Right? Uhm, not really. Not anymore, at least. You see, in the last years my interest for FF games has started going down (and I know I am not the only one) and I’ve started playing other series of jRPGs. I can say that FFX has been the last Final Fantasy game I have liked. I won’t even mention Final Fantasy XII and I will post my thoughts about XIII in the future (it’s not that I haven’t liked it, it’s just that I don’t consider it a FF).

But, seriously Square-Enix, enough with the remakes! At least, if you really want to continue on this route, do a remake of Final Fantasy VI (or IX). Or, even better, focus on doing a great Final Fantasy XV. I think fans would be much happier this way.


Champions Mode in F1 2012 is Too Easy!

Maybe it is simply that I am used to the difficulty level of Gran Turismo 5 (getting the platinum there has been one tough challenge for sure), but it felt really weird to get golds in every challenge of the Champions Mode of F1 2012 (hard difficulty) in about one hour of gaming. I was expecting some hard challenges, whereas the only decently challenging one was the first one against Raikkonen (nothing impossible, it took me two tries to win it) and maybe the one against Vettel.

Gold in Champions Mode (1)Gold in Champions Mode (2)

The challenges were fun though, especially the one against Alonso where you have to defend your position for five laps (of course, with no DRS). Even if they were easy, I wish there were more of them 🙂