F1 2012 Multiplayer Mode a.k.a. Destruction Derby Online

What better way to start blogging about gaming than to rant about a game? And in this case the rant is about Codemasters’ latest racing title: F1 2012.

Do you remember Destruction Derby, the PlayStation game where the goal was to smash as many opponent cars as possible? The game wasn’t really a masterpiece, but it was fun enough to make the developers publish two more games in the saga, Destruction Derby 2 and Destruction Derby Raw.

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to play one of the games in the series, here is a pretty self-explanatory video. I suggest you to focus on the first twenty seconds of the video, where you can see how the start of a race looks like.

Done? Seen the video? Ok, now imagine that video with improved graphics, remove those anonymous cars and put F1 cars in their place and there you go! You have a classic F1 2012 multiplayer game!

Seriously, players online really must think that this is the latest episode of Destruction Derby. The first turn in almost every online race is a disasters, with cars smashing against you from everywhere, especially in tracks with a tricky first turn (like Spa, Austin or, don’t even make me think about it, Monza).

F1 2012 Pit Box

The Pit Box is the only safe place in F1 2012

What’s worse is that often, during this moments of pure chaos, you are also awarded a nice good penalty for causing an incident. For example, sometimes you will find some players who absolutely love to stay still when the lights go green. Of course, you don’t like doing that, because you like racing games, and so you start accelerating, without realizing that the car in front of you hasn’t moved yet. When you realize it, it’s probably already too late and you happily smash into it. The result is that you get a 10-second penalty 😀

The game is very good though, but you must be lucky to find a good room with good players, otherwise it can become quite frustrating in the long run (also because, if you don’t reach a certain position because of these penalties, you actually lose experience points and you level down online).

I hope at least in a patch addressing this wrong penalty issues, it can definitely help in making the game funnier and less frustrating. In any case, this is not a reason to stop playing online, the game manages to remain entertaining in any case, it’s just that, the way it is now, you need to get a break from it every couple of races to avoid becoming like this guy 🙂


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